BTEC Sport : Unit 22 - Investigating Business in the Sport & Active Leisure Industry

How to tackle the external assessment | taught by Stuart Maddock
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Stuart Maddock
Stuart Maddock

About the instructor

Stuart is a highly experienced teacher and teacher trainer. He has worked in education in the UK and abroad for over twenty five years and has been a head of physical education for fourteen years. He is passionate about teacher learning and development and is currently head of academic physical education at a large school in the south west of England.

Stuart has an M.Ed from the Institute of Education, University College London, focusing on teaching and learning and technology in education and he has a qualification in Effective Online Tutoring from Oxford University, (his home city). He has held the position of e-learning co-ordinator and head of learning and thinking at previous schools and is a prominent practitioner in the effective use of iPads in education at his current school.

**How to tackle the external assessment.**

Do your students know exactly what they are required to do in order to achieve highly in the unit 22 external assessment?

If not, then this video and digital resource is for you and them!

**Give your students the best chance of obtaining a distinction in this unit!!**

This resource contains 10 videos with over 40 minutes of instruction (divided into manageable chunks) explaining exactly what is required to obtain the very highest marks in the external assessment. The videos are accompanied by two PowerPoint presentations, one to print as a booklet for your students if necessary and a Word document.

**What's included in the video package:**

Video 1 - (2.48 mins) an introduction and overview of the requirements of the external assessment
Video 2 - (7.50 mins) focuses on Activity One - the Review of Business Information
Video 3 - (2.33 mins) continues to focus on Activity One and concludes with a summary of the general requirements for this task
Video 4 - (6.02 mins) looks at Activity Two - the Business Model Analysis, focusing on SWOT analysis
Video 5 - (4.44 mins) focuses on what the SWOT analysis should look like and where information should be drawn from
Video 6 - (5.23 mins) is the first of three videos looking at Activity Three - Recommendations and what to include in this activity
Video 7 - (6.47 mins) continues to focus on Recommendations and provides a summary of the general requirements for this task
Video 8 - (1.24 mins) provides an example of how the Recommendations activity should be structured
Video 9 - (6.35) focuses on Activity Four - Justifications and what to include in this activity
Video 10 -  (1.45 mins) provides an example of how the Justifications activity should be structured

With this resource you can feel confident that your students will be fully prepared for their external assessment, knowing exactly how to structure their responses, what content to include and how to access the distinction level bands.

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