Course description

In this free micro course, you'll learn about how to make the best use of Padlet, a collaborative learning app, in order to enhance your students' learning. 

Specifically, you'll have an understanding of:

  • how Padlet can enhance learning
  • the different features within Padlet
  • how to use Padlet as a collaborative learning tool
  • how to create a collaborative learning activity
  • an example of collaborative learning using Padlet
Stuart Maddock

Stuart Maddock


Stuart is a highly experienced teacher and teacher trainer. He has worked in education in the UK and abroad for over twenty five years and was a head of physical education for fifteen years. He is passionate about teacher learning and development and is currently Director of Educational Technology at a large school in the south west of England.

Stuart has an M.Ed from the Institute of Education, University College London, focusing on teaching and learning and technology in education and he has a qualification in Effective Online Tutoring from Oxford University. He has held the position of e-learning co-ordinator and head of learning and thinking at previous schools and is a prominent practitioner in the effective use of educational technology at his current school.

Course Contents

6 Videos

1 Audio

3 Disqus

1.0 hr